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Thread: played a PS Vita

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    played a PS Vita

    I bought and sold several PSP and they never really worked for me, missed the 2nd analog and the games weren't very good IMO.

    Was preordering ME3 tonight and saw the Vita display model and gave it a try.

    Its a sweet piece of hardware. Screen is big and looks great, the sticks are actually sticks and not nubs like the PSP. Load times were quite slow in several games but once loaded they looked great and played nice and smooth. 4GB proprietary memory cards cost $20, and I hear the battery life is only 3 hours when playing games.

    In the end I was tempted but decided not to buy just yet. Like the PSP, the games just weren't anything I was interested in. Hope it doesn't go the way of the PSP - there is some potential IMO.

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    I caught a webcast displaying the Uncharted game for it, and it looks fantastic.

    I have no use for a handheld, but if I can run it HDMI and use a regular PS3 controller with it, there looks to be some titles coming up for it that'd make it worth picking up.

    I had a PSP back in the day, and the clunky game discs + long ass load times on just about everything (holy fuck Tiger Woods was AWFUL) just sucked.

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    I played on my friend's today (release day here in UK) and was quite impressed. But the only game I'd be interested in would be Uncharted, so right now it's not really worth it for me.

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    Got the display one in at work the other day and had a go on that. It'd bigger than I expected (even knowing beforehand how big the screen was supposed to be, it just didn't quite click that it meant it would be big...) which is awesome.

    I agree that the release games aren't exactly amazing, though I did have the original Shinobido on PS2 and it was a solid - if exceedingly derivative (Tenchu 3) - game, so that would easily be my first choice. I'm just waiting to see the MGS HD Collection and some Killzone on there :evil:

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    I'll grab one so I have something to play on my next holiday. Here's hoping for a good God of War game for it

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    A couple friends of mine had a PSP back when they came out. I thought they were cool but never really had much of a reason to plunk down any serious cash for one of my own; I suck at video games being reason number 1. Then I happened to see an ad for gran turismo for PSP and I snapped. I went that night and got a PSP and GT. After all the hype I bought into I was really bummed. Gran Turismo had NO SIMULATION MODE. WTF?! Why else would you buy GT? The other thing that became apparent after a little while was that my hands became painfully cramped. My friends then informed me of the different versions of the PSP and that I had in fact bought the slimmest one. So, I not only suck at video games but I even suck at picking that damn things out!

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    I have owned a number of handhelds over the years and they all stop getting use because:

    - I hate having to buy trucks full of batteries
    - I don't go on enough long journeys to justify using one
    - When I play one at home plugged into the wall I end up asking myself why I am looking at such a tiny screen when I can just play a console

    I have a PS3 and an Xbox360 so I have zero interest in another handheld. The quality of the games really are never going to be comparable to their bigger brother counterparts and those that are will be so few and far between. Apparently sales in Japan for the Vita have been pretty bad so I don't expect it will do that well and considering Sony's current situation this could end up being a real dodo.

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    They look swish, but there's literally only Everybody's Golf I'd play on it at the minute. I'll maybe grab one when they bring out the MW game for it. In the mean time, I'm quite happy playing Zelda: Oot, Mario Land 3D, and Starfox on my 3DS
    I still need the new Mario Kart


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