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Thread: Converting .mov to .avi

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    Converting .mov to .avi

    Anybody know any free software I can use to convert some quicktime(.mov) files to something usable on a PC? I can play them no problem but I need to be able to edit them and any of the video editing software I have wont accept .mov.

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    Did you check CNET? There has to be a billion free ones.
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    I have Final Cut on my mac. How big are the files and could you dropbox them to me? I can covert and send them back to you

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    I think I have it figured out. I just needed quicktime installed so they'd show up as quicktime files.

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    Sounds like you've got it covered now but if there ever comes a time you want to convert some more video (for free) I can highly recommend Super.

    I've used a lot of the free tools and, while I'm sure there are other good ones, Super rarely fails to do a great job without screwing other things up like bit rates and aspect ratios. It's not the fastest, and honestly the web page linked above sucks (hint don't click the big "download buttons"...look for the hyperlink in the text ) but it always bails me out when I need something converted to play on my media server/PS3/Oplay.
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