Mistborn video game coming up.

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Thread: Mistborn video game coming up.

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    Mistborn video game coming up.

    Brandon Sanderson Blog: Announcing the Mistborn Video Game

    To those who have been paying close attention, much of this may not be surprising. The MB:B website went live earlier in the month, and I have tweeted several times about the impending game. In short, we're hoping to do a fun, fast-paced, action game with some RPG elements, cool Allomancy effects, and some (hopefully) killer dialogue. That last part is my job, as I'll be writing the story and most (if not all) of the game's dialogue.

    The game will take place hundreds of years before the events of the books, during the early days of the Final Empire. People have often asked me if I will do prequels to Mistborn, and my response has frequently been that I won't likely write them as novelsóbut I might consider them for other mediums. We're going to try it here, and this will let us do some very cool things to expand the world. And yes, you get to play as a Mistborn.

    The game is scheduled for fall of next year, and we're still very much in the preliminary stages of game design. That means that I don't have much to tell you other than what I wrote above. (Though the game's website will be posting screenshots and the like as they become available.)

    So, since I can't tell you terribly much about the game quite yet, instead I'll tell you how it came to be. I've been keeping my eyes open for the chance to do a Mistborn game for some time; several chances arose, but they always fell through for one reason or another. I didn't want to give the rights to just anybody. I've been a gamer since my first Atari, and I wanted to do it right.
    Little Orbit - Bestselling fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson and Little Orbit team up to bring Mistborn saga to video games in 2013

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    This is the actual "mood trailer" being used to pitch Mistborn to the studios. Don't ask how I got it, 'cause I'm not tellin'! How do I know it's real? Because the producers contacted me to find out where I got it from. Since they can chop up other movies to make them look this good, I'm very excited about the future of the Mistborn movie. I hope they pull it off.
    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0TOVHEnfe0]Mistborn Trailer - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I saw that trailer just the other day. Interesting.

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    This game could either turn out really cool... or really sub-par. I hope it's cool, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Cool trailer, even though it doesn't look anything remotely remotely remotely like the world in the novel is described. Yes, I noticed that they used a bunch of different scenes from like 200 movies, but still.

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