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    Prove you are human.

    Twitter's way:

    Vs Tinypic...

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    ReCAPTCHA is awful. Sometimes i have to hit the "refresh" button about a dozen times before i get one that i can actually read.

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    The cool thing about recaptcha is on the two word ones, you only have to get one word right. No good way to tell which one, but if you get it right, and blatantly mistype the other, you can totally fuck with their results
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    sad thing is bots can still get past either one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetta View Post
    sad thing is bots can still get past either one

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    They are super annoying but I didn't mind as much when I found out what they do with the info. They digitalise books by using the captchas to identify words that computers don't catch. The video on TED explains it here, it's a bit long but worth watching if you have the time. Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration | Video on
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