I just finished this on PC, its for both consoles also. It's a Sega game from Japan, You play as an X special forces soldier on a Rust crew, a crew that eliminates robots that are in violation of the New Geneva Convention, and the game plays out in Tokyo, year 2080. Think Blade Runner meets iRobot meets Big ass robots. The game was great, the plot and story were really good. The cinematic's really tie the game together and it plays almost like a movie at times. There are also some great plot twists. And best of all, and what really made the game for me, BOSS FIGHTS. So many games leave these out.

Its squad based third person shooter and handles a lot like Gears of War. You pick up more squadmates to choose from throughout the game, and there is a love interest if you keep the hot chick in your party as far as I know. At least that's one of my squad mates when possible. The controls are a little wonky and aiming too, that was the only downfall. And for a Directx 9 game the graphics were really good. The Japanese soundtrack fit really well. well too. Has some funny one liners in it for comic relief.

Also, it supports a headset to give squad commands and reply to dialogs, its a really cool feature that I enjoyed, but some times it is really annoying when you say the same thing 5 times before it accepts it.

Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 7
Score: 9
Controls: 7
Gameplay: 10
Plot: 10

I'd really say this is a must play.