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Thread: Graphics

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    Color me excited for that one, wow.

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    This game is supposed to be somewhat linked to the live action Star Wars TV show that is in development hell. They have 50 scripts in the second draft phase but that douche nozzle Rick McCallum is pissing and moaning WAAAAAAA we can't make a TV show for less than 4 million an episode. Here's an idea Cut back on the fucking CGI budget.

    As for this game

    Highly scripted and looks pretty but offers little in actual gameplay... I hate games like that. May as well just watch a movie.

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    That looks potentially fun. I used to dig some of those scripted movie-games.

    It's got the INSANE engine, c'mon!
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    its star wars! so i'll play it

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    They got some Gears of War in their Force Unleashed, apparently.
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    that looks fucking awesome!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    that looks fucking awesome!!!

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