Who's your cell carrier?

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  • Verizon

    13 32.50%
  • AT&T

    4 10.00%
  • Sprint

    5 12.50%
  • T-Mobile

    6 15.00%
  • Other

    1 2.50%
  • Not in the United States

    7 17.50%
  • Noodles

    4 10.00%
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Thread: Who's your cell carrier?

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    Who's your cell carrier?

    Just curious to see what everyone uses, and feel free to elaborate why if you like.

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    AT&T, because A. They have the iPhone, and B. I can use the web and talk at the same time, and C. It's faster than Verizon 3G and Sprint too.
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    Verizon. Excellent coverage and data speeds. Average 1.5mps at my house. In cities it varies. The highest was 8mbps in Boone NC.

    There was a promotion when I added my line to the plan. Didn't receive the promotion and pay $10 more than I was promised when signing up adding up to $240 more in total over the course of the contract. They won't fix it. They just don't care.

    I had a defective phone and they did replace it. They also replaced my girlfriends phone as well until she got one that worked properly.

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    I am on Sprint and while they advertise and make me pay for 4G its not in my area which sucks but they too have the iPhone and they are the best plan for my super high data usage.

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    My pocket.......

    But seriously, ATT, because they hooked it up, and my customer service has been awesome. 3 iphones, 2 unlim and 1 with 3gb, unlimited text, unlimited calls to any mobile, and 1400 minutes to landlines, unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7, for about $190. Also a free coverage extender for my house.
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    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    ME: Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod
    Rig: Jet City JCA5012C
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    Two votes for AT&T and none showing in the poll ah well

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    Virgin Mobile but I answered the poll 'Sprint' because it's on their network and if your poll was with regard to coverage, that'd be the most logical selection.

    I've got the $35/month* plan, which is unlimited text+web and 300 minutes. I've previously had both Verizon and AT&T contracts; the coverage and quality of service/phones was alright but I got gouged on some accidental overages deep enough (and enough times) that I decided I didn't really want to go contract anymore. Current phone has great coverage in cities and acceptable service in most towns and major roads; in remote areas or in transit to said areas, there are some deadspots. Experienced most the same dead spots when I had AT&T but on Verizon, slightly less (~30%-ish).

    *current plan being offered is at $35 but I was grandfathered in at the $25/month rate
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    verizon and at&t but I don't pay for either of them

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