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Thread: Cracked phone screen

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    Cracked phone screen

    Went to the beach with my lady on Monday and somehow managed to crack my phone's screen. I wrapped it in a shirt and put it in my bag along with some clothes, my wallet, and my girlfriend's phone, making sure to always have it on top so it wouldn't get knocked around. The bag just sat there while we laid out, but when I took the phone out later to check an SMS, it had a deep-looking scratch on the screen. Two days later and it's now a crack that crosses the whole screen.

    However it happened (my guess is sand scratching it deep enough to somehow cause a crack when it bumped something else?), I'm gonna need to replace it or get it fixed. Anybody have any experience with this kind of thing? It's a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, only about 4 or 5 months old. I did a little searching around and it looks like Samsung will repair it, but they charge $160+ and have a two week turnaround. I have insurance through Verizon, but that's a $100 deductible and you don't even get a new phone. I'd like to stay away from a refurb because Verizon is terrible about that. Last time I got a refurb phone the fucking thing didn't even have a functioning screen and I had to send it right back out for yet another refurb, which had other problems.

    Any thoughts?

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    you could try finding a bricked one on ebay and take the screen out of that and put it into yours if you feel like you can take it apart. Other then that I think Verizon or Samsung are your only choices I believe.

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