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    So to top off my banner week of technology hating me, Adium went crazy and locked me out of my AIM account because it sent like 700 login requests in an hour.

    Since I've had this account for, uh, a really long time, the recovery email address associated with it was an old hotmail account that I had, which was loosely translated as "Windows NT Admin". Naturally, I haven't logged into it since the dawn of the interweb.

    On a whim, I decide to call AOL's support. I get a guy that can barely speak english, who asks me my secret question answer (which I didn't know, who the fuck knows what their favorite food was 10 years ago?), and then to confirm my address. I roll through everywhere I've ever lived, and he then makes me prove that I am indeed "See Kyoo Sevenstring" by posting a couple messages on old forums I'm registered with that S/N.

    I then remarkably remember my cell phone number from 1990 or so, and after 15 minutes on the phone, holy fuck, they actually reset my password for me.

    AOL Dude in India > VMWare today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I then remarkably remember my cell phone number from 1990 or so
    Confront and Cry

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