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    [VIDEO]]Gauntlet - Arcade - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    That brings back memories

    So many quarters

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    Back when you guys were young a quarter could feed a family for a week!

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    Wow, I remember that.

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    I played the shit out of that game.

    Red warrior needs food badly....
    BLOOD for the BLOOD GOAT!

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    Definitely nostalgic but as long as we're waxing that way...

    most of the quarters of my youth went to these two....

    [VIDEO]]Vanguard (1981 SNK) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Omega Race (1981 Midway) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Man, the money I blew on those.......was enough to convince my Dad to buy the family a Vic 20.

    Edit: I've got to say.... Omega Race on the Vic20 kicked ass...and destroyed joysticks at the speed of light.
    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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