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    NDD! (New display day)

    At the end of August I was reading for a physics exam from my laptop on the bus. After studying actively for an hour or so, I decided to stretch my back a bit, which lead to my laptop not being on my lap anymore, but on the bus floor. That in turn led to this:

    So, for the last 6 months my laptop has been a small desktop, with some abstract art above the keyboard. As I'm not a huge fan of abstract art, last month I decided to do something about it. Luckily through Amazon I could order a new LCD from a store called Hightech Parts. A few weeks later I got this in the mail:

    Of course, you need the proper tools for opening boxes.

    After a bit of swearing and screaming at unaccessible screws, the old display is out.

    After a bit more swearing and screaming at tricky connectors and stuff, the new display is in:


    I was going to take some pics of the process itself, but I forgot when I got pissed of at trying to get the old display out of there. But in the end I got it working. It's nice to see that it's still possible to change the parts on laptops these days.

    The screen itself was $48, but with shipping, VAT and toll fees it got up to about twice of that. About 70 for a new display is still a bit better than getting some repair company to fix it or getting a new laptop.
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    good work

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