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Thread: tablet or ipad for an old Japanese lady

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    tablet or ipad for an old Japanese lady

    So, my mom is in her 70's, and wants to find ways to make acquiring and reading books easier. She's thinking about a tablet or ipad. She's from Okinawa and speaks decent English, for, an old Okinawan.

    She's got a couple of questions. If she ordered a device from Japan and had it shipped here, would it work? Specifically, is the power compatible? Will the writing be in Japanese by default? Is it pointless, and getting a unit here and setting the language to Japanese achieving the exact same thing?

    She wants to get non Japanese books, written in Japanese. They could be famous American books, French, whatever. I am assuming her best bet is, with her Ipad (if she goes the Apple route), go to the itunes bookstore and search for books written in Japanese, because translators won't work properly (again, I assume).

    Also, for an old foreigner who's just farted around with a laptop, is there an easier learning curve for one product over another?

    I also told her that, as far as surfing goes, she'll just have to frequent Japanese sites. Yahoo America isn't going to have their writers write Japanese versions of their news stories, and using a language translator may suck.... so the best bet is supplement her American site browsing with visiting sites of true Japanese origin. Is this a correct statement?

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    No matter what anyone says, there's a learning curve associated with even an iPad. That said, an iPad is generally easier and more consistent than an Android device, and I'd be surprised if there wasn't a Japanese language option.

    Most tablets charge via USB, which is a universal charging standard, so she would be able to import something from Japan.

    I don't know much about translations, unfortunately.
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    I only know the ipad

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    I don't own an iPad, but the iPhone is able to install any language on it. So my AMERICAN iPhone is the EXACT same as a Japanese iPhone and I can easily and freely switch between English and Japanese with a single tap on any screen.

    I believe the iPad uses the same interface as the iPhone and I would be surprised if it didn't have the same feature. You just have to go to:
    Settings > General > International
    and on that screen you can set everything up (System language, Voice Control language, number of keyboards and which languages they are in, region format, calendar format, etc.).

    The only advantage to buying the iPad from Japan would be having the packaging and paper manual in Japanese, but I believe their paper manual is only like 3 pages long anyway.

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    Samsung are beginning to make fantastic tablets, and, given that Samsung are a Korean company, I'm sure they're friendly to Japanese speakers. An iPad wouldn't be a bad move though.
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    the ipad can't be charged via USB, it requires 10w of power. but the charger is universal and you can buy the correct plug in an apple store, so no worries there.
    amazon has a japanese site, so I guess you could get a lot of books there. itunes bookstore is kind of crap compared to amazon and they have a kindle app for the ipad.

    About the learning curve, I taught my gran (85) to use the ipad in about ten minutes...

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    tablet or ipad for an old Japanese lady

    An iPad or Nexus, but don't get her a Windows 8 tablet. Not at all intuitive.
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    thanks! sounds like an ipad is in her future

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