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Thread: Spec out a PC for me

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    Spec out a PC for me

    Didn't want to hijack MFB's thread.

    I've been meaning to get a desktop PC for a while, since every time I need to boot into bootcamp, I just...well, don't.

    I don't know shit about PC hardware. I'd like to be able to game out on it, but it won't be my main gaming rig or anything (unless MSFT fucks us on the next console).

    I don't need to factor in an OS, as I have an MSDN account through work. Also good on the monitor front as well.

    I'd like it to be under 1k, but that isn't firm. But if it gets too high, I'm just going to put it towards a new iMac, just because.

    Also, Canada; so use Canadian ncix, newegg, etc sites.

    Oh, and....please.... and all that shit.

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    I posted this over in another forum but I got a pc from these guys 3 years ago and couldn't be happier.


    They have some that are pre-built or you can modify certain parts if you want to upgrade. The best thing is that if you have questions, they get back to you pretty quickly.

    Honestly, getting a custom built machine might cost a little more than if you were getting an Acer or HP at the local Future Shop or Best Buy but you get what you pay for. The pre builts at the stores 1) mostly some use generic parts that aren't as good as name parts and 2) they load it up with demos and other useless "features" that most don't need.

    Getting a custom built machine, if you spend $600, you'll get much better performance and more reliability. On the minus side, you can probably get a pc for $400 at Staples or somewhere, whereas a custom one would probably be a minimum of $500-$600.

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    A spot of gaming you say? Pick a graphics card that benches and what have you show will do what you want it to, and make the machine around that.

    I havent looked into graphics cards for a while, but the ~200 price point at least used to be the start of diminishing returns. You probably pay the same in dollars.

    Something like a GTX 660 or HD7850?

    Thats what I'd be looking at for new graphics today at least.

    Beyond that, PSU beefy enough to run whatever card you get under load, whatever the best i5 you can get with your remaining budget and 4-8gb ram and you should be fine. CPU isnt very important for games. It affects it, but its small compared to the graphics card.

    I'm still using an E6600, 4gb, HD4890 as my games machine, and its run everything I've thrown at it on high to highest settings. I expect that will change soon with the next console generation coming out, but whatever you get now should be fine for quite a while without breaking the bank.

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    most everything can run 1080 these days, only really 2560 resolution with maximum AA and multi monitor setups make them hurt

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