So my laptop is so god-damned well behaved I just want to pinch its cheeks. This is after I found out the hard drive had been damaged in transit (when Dell sent it to me upon my buying it) and subsequently had it replaced. Curiously, when the guy came around (on-site service awkward as hell) and to replace the hard drive (which made me realise it's something I could have done myself, though obviously it would have breached the lappy's warranty so it's good I didn't), he was like "Oh do you have any glue? Mumble ... [something about the connection of the battery and the motherboard]..."

Obviously he should have been equipped to fix it then and there, but he didn't. As a result my computer sometimes shuts down if I close it and put it in my backpack on campus to walk between classes. It seems it's because the battery loses the connection with the motherboard.

I run diagnostics every couple of days and there's NOTHING wrong with my computer as a result of it (back in the day you could fuck you computer by pulling a stunt like that, but mine seems to cope with it fine). Even though my warranty has expired, should I demand that they fix it, or just do it myself? I'll take the battery out after posting this and assess the situation (carefully, without making any rash decisions).

Side note: don't you think it's retarded how Dell used Intel HD integrated graphics on a laptop with gaming-ready specs (i5-2450m 2.6Ghz, 4GB DDR3 RAM)? It means I can't replace the video card even though it's the only component which prevents me from playing games like TES V: Skyrim and Battlefield 3 on it.