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Thread: Vyatta routers

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    Vyatta routers

    Welcome to Vyatta.org | Vyatta.org Community

    These are awesome. Great when running as a VM, and great for turning any crappy old server with two NICs in it into a pretty robust network appliance.

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    Only issue is it runs with Quagga on the backend, which while its getting better, we've come across some HUGE bugs that effectively ruined our entire network (OSPF LSAs getting aged out when NTP caught up on the box and flooding out to the entire network for example).

    Also, they don't do multicast routing (or didn't do the last time I tried running it on them), depending on your network this can make no difference or all of it.

    However, they do have their uses, and I am a fan of the way they do config (very similar to Junipers in some ways)

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