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Thread: 2nd monitor size help

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    2nd monitor size help

    Hey guys, need a hand from you cpu gurus.
    I got a new 60'' tv and just want to hook it up to my laptop for the 2nd screen to watch movies. I did this fine with my 51'', but the picture is too big for the screen on the 60'' now and i just cant get the fucker to the right size.

    I'v messed with the resolutions for the tv monitor through the control panel in windows, and i'v messed with the ratios on the tv, but nothing is making it the right size, and its fucking pissing me off.

    I'm running a windows 8 machine with the integrated intel video card deally. Any help would be awesome. I just want to watch the fucking nightmare before christmas and see jacks full head
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    What about Jack's raging bile duct?

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    I've had similiar issues - turned out I had Overscan turned on in my TV. Maybe that's the case for you as well?

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