Thinking of getting a Tablet after the $Holidays..

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Thread: Thinking of getting a Tablet after the $Holidays..

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    Thinking of getting a Tablet after the $Holidays..

    Probably a Galaxy 3..I prefer the Android OS over the other.
    Are there any guitar apps made for Android that a re worth purchasing? Are there any at all?

    --- Mike
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    There's Maniacal's app. I've not used it, but Seanbabs has, and seems to like it. He knows his shit, so it must be ok. Plus, Maniacal's an insanely good player, so he probably knows how to put content together.

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    Thats sweet looking. It's gonna be the first app I install on my tablet! Thanks!

    --- Mike

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    If you want a cheap android tablet,your best bet would be Google nexus 7 - it offers the pure android experience and has better specs than the galaxy tab 3.

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    To be perfectly honest, if you want to do music stuff with your tablet I think the iPad is the way to go. I'm an Android guy too, but there are just WAY more apps and peripherals for iOS. There are a load iOS apps for plugging in your guitar and playing/recording through pretty high quality amp sims - I'm not sure there are any yet on Android. Gaming is still much better on the iPad too, if that matters to you at all. Android is making pretty good progress on that front, though.

    I find having an Android phone and an iPad to be the best of both worlds, even though, like you, I MUCH prefer the Android OS on my phone.
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    I have a nexus 7 and it's pretty good for browsing the net and watching stuff on. Andoid doesn't have as many options for good apps for music and guitar though as was said. I've a midi keyboard and it seems most options for that kind of think are for ipads.
    I've found Chordbot is pretty good music app though. It's a really easy app for putting chords together and you can pick various styles. I use it to plug in to a hifi or just using on my tablet and using it for backing tracks. You can throw a progression together in no time and just jam over it. When you're bored you can change tempo style or some of the chords for a new backing to play over. I just use the free one but you can save stuff with the bought version.
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    Yeah Maniacals shred training app is great.

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    I had a guitar tuner app that was awesome - I haven't been able to find anything I like as much on my iPhone. I think it was called gStrings. I really dug the Mobile Metronome app, too (the one with the white and black metronome logo). The tuner could pick up my electrics and tune chromatically, and actually worked well. And the metronome was just a solid metronome, no extra bullshit getting in the way. I liked the UI a lot.

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