Going to school, could use some advice.

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Thread: Going to school, could use some advice.

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    Going to school, could use some advice.

    Hey guys-

    I'm quickly finding that the insurance business isn't for me and at 31 years old, I've had it with taking gambles on my income. I've always had an interest in electrical engineering and when looking around at schools, I'm seeing Communications being tied to most EE degrees and under that is a whole slew of things that are covered.

    I suppose the info I'm looking for is what particular field is best to get in right now?

    Any advice, words, etc are greatly appreciated!

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    Before you ask what should you do, reality check

    What EE firms are in your area?

    Can you go to school full time? Engineering requires a masters for the most part, so you're looking at 6 years full time. If you need to work and go part time, you'll be 45 by the time you're done with school, have $200,000 in debt if you're lucky and end up net-0 at retirement age if you just stayed working where you are....

    IMO, the hottest thing with the easiest form of education/entry is iOS/Android development. It's still kinda engineering... and it's electronic... so maybe not too far off from what you want to do.

    You can teach yourself to code for basically free from places like https://www.coursera.org/
    MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
    Pluralsight - Hardcore Dev and IT Training

    build an app or two as your resume.

    browse CL, getafreelancer, etc etc for work to start, and there are major firms that all have app devs too. mobile is THE push right now. No other market is hotter. These things pay $100+/ hr all the time and as long as you know what you're doing, you won't need a degree, can work for yourself and the only investment you need is a couple phones and a mac to build ios distros.
    just passing through....

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