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Thread: Recommendations for an MP3 player?

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    Recommendations for an MP3 player?

    Ok so, I'm taking a trip the states in august, and I'm looking around for a solid mp3 player that I can take for the plane ride(s). The battery life on my iPhone 5 is hopeless and wouldn't last for more than 3 hours of my 20+ hour journey. I'll just be turning it off for the whole trip until I land.

    Battery life is the main thing I'm looking for. I don't need ridiculous amounts of storage, but enough to have a decent selection of music.

    Thanks guys!

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    Actually I'm looking for an MP3 Player myself to take to the gym so I have music to listen to while I lift weights.
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    Its nothing fancy but I have a creative Zen Mosaic 16gb that was about 49 and the battery on it gets me through an entire week of work before having to be recharged this is a bog standard 37.5 hour week with a half hour walk afterwards with music on the entire time.
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    iPod, no question.

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    Cowons have the best battery life, last I checked. By a very long way. Sonys aren't bad either.

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    People who own Zunes make fun of people that own Cowons man.

    Just get an iPod.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Yeah just grab a used 8gig and go.
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    I have a 160gb ipod classic, and i fucking love it. Dont beat around the bush. Be a man.
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