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Thread: PC won't power up

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    PC won't power up

    A while back, I posted my dilemma on facebook and got some useful ideas; however, I can't seem to find the thread. It's mysteriously not there. Anyway....

    My PC won't power up. It's a bit old, but regardless, I have photos, videos, tabs, docs on there, etc. I'd like to access them, and it would be really awesome if I could actually get the PC working again.

    It won't power up at all - no lights, noises, anything.

    On FB, it was suggested I could pull the harddrive out and plug it in to some piece of hardware, and it would essentially be like a giant USB card reader thing that I could then hook up to my laptop, access my old files. would it just be file access, or actually using my old computer and old software, through a portal-type set-up? It would be awesome if I could open and edit old powertabs, cakewalk files, etc.... by plug and play.

    is there a likely powersource type of solution? like a fuse or something, that would get my PC working?


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    It is literally like plugging your existing hard drive into the computer you are running. I don't think (could be wrong) that you can boot from such a device. But you can certainly open and edit, delete, copy, etc. all of your files.
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    If it does nothing when you hit the power switch, check the fuse in the plug/try another power cable first. If that's your problem, it's a quick fix!

    If that doesn't work, and it's not a mechanical problem of the case's power button not actuating the motherboard's power button (unlikely, unless you throw your PC about), it's possibly a power supply issue, which you can replace cheaply enough. But you may want to take it somewhere to be repaired if you're not so comfortable dicking around inside a computer.

    As for the data, you can take the drive out of the machine, whack it into a Drive Caddy (quite cheap) and connect it to another machine to copy all the data from it (or stick it in the machine if you're comfortable doing that). You won't be able to boot from that drive (this 'portal' thing you're on about), but you can access the files on it, and whatever computer you're viewing the files on can then use those files (i.e, you can open and edit the PowerTab files), provided you have the appropriate software on the computer you use.

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    I had the same thing happen to me before and it was my computer's power supply that busted. It was expensive to get a new one, but I did because I needed all the stuff on the hard drive.

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    At first I thought it was your laptop that wasn't starting. I was thinking you might be screwed. I've had a perfectly good laptop become useless because a $2 power adapter doodad that was soldered to the mobo went bad.

    If you're not scared to take things apart, I'd do as Cassidy suggested. Power supplies are super easy to remove.

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    Yeah same shit happened to me like 4 years ago. Ordered a new PSU (a better one with more wattage mind you for insurance), hooked it up, and it was all good.

    Now two months ago my copy of Windows crashed and won't get past the BIOS screen

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    is it a tower or laptop?

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    A tower. Thanks for the suggestions. The machine is about 6 years old but died about 6 months ago

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