AMD FX 9590 CPU review.

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Thread: AMD FX 9590 CPU review.

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    AMD FX 9590 CPU review.

    Do not fucking buy any AMD cpu running at 220 watts unless you have a server room in the Arctic.
    These cunts run hotter than the surface of the sun.
    In fact, I could probably blow up the sun, and replace it with this CPU, and nobody would fucking notice.
    Actually, they would probably notice a small increase in temps around the world... because they run that fucking hot.

    Even with the top of the line water cooler from corsair, this chip still got so hot it would shut itself down because of the thermal protection.

    I took it back to the shop today, and swapped it for the AMD FX 8350 (125 watt)

    The 9590 would get past 70.C, idle at around 46.C
    The 8350 using the same corsair H105 cooler runs at 38.C under the same load, idle at 30.C.

    AMD clocked these chips a little high, and when pushed, and not kept in a fucking freezer, they fall over.
    If you live anywhere below the polar regions, avoid buying the 220 watt AMD black edition chips.
    Grab the 8350, and save yourself a thermal clusterfuck.

    I give the AMD 9590 5 FUCK YOU's out of 5.
    BLOOD for the BLOOD GOAT!

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    I find the best solution for this is buying chips that don't suck. Y'know, Intel.


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    AMD hasn't had a good CPU since the socket 939 days, those fuckers would fly back then

    Could buy like a 2.4 Ghz and overclock them to like 4.2 Ghz on regular stock CPU coolers....good times
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    If i could have afforded to throw away a perfectly good motherboard, I would have gotten an intel.

    This FX 8350 is screaming along, and this corsair cooler is keeping it really happy. At $210 dollars, it was not a contest. (Intel chips cost a fair bit more in Oz), then add the cost of a decent motherboard.......

    That FX 9590 was clocked at 1 gig faster than the FX8350 and uses double the watts..... there was a reason AMD stopped selling them with a cooler.
    There is no air cooler that could keep it cool, and the liquid cooler you would need would be quite extensive, and involve a polar region.
    If this FX9590 is not kept in liquid nitrogen, it behaves a lot like a reactor melting down.
    AMD overreached by trying to get bragging rights with raw clock speed, and just fucked up with the FX 9590.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I was looking at an AMD for a new PC build in the near future but I think i'll just get an i5 (or i7 if I can afford it when I am ordering parts). Also...why the hell does it run 220 watts?! I think Intel's fastest cpu only runs 88.

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    I have to admit the FX 8350 chip is running like a dream.
    I can also give the gainward GTX 970 i got 2 thumbs up.
    I got the base model, no overclocking, and it is smashing borderlands and Arma 3.

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    Intel/Nvidia 4 Life

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