So, apple has historically had significantly better external display support than windows. This is apparently not so true these days >.<

On a brand new 13" mbp, in windows, I can daisy chain several Dell U2415H monitors over a single mdp connection on displayport 1.2 mode. In mac, I can't even connect one monitor while it's in 1.2 mode, much less daisy hain. Daisychaining works in 1.1 mode, but only for mirroring. No extending >.< Pretty sure that's just coming from the monitors doing it automatically. Between this and no 60hz 4k over hdmi (I don't want a <30 inch 4k monitor, i'd rather get a ~46" 4k to replace all of my monitors), I'm getting pretty frustrated with my apple gear lately.

So if anybody knows how to enable that (or displayport MST at all) so I can run my 3 externals, that would be awesome.

I'm assuming it cant be done without an OSX update, so I've been using a usb adapter. The newer monitors are much nicer, but no longer have DVI inputs, just a DP in, mDP in, and 2 hdmi ins (in addition to a DP out). I'd like to minimize the lag from the display adapter. I know I'll have some, it's a usb graphics card, but has anyone compared a USB2 hdmi adapter to a USB3 one? or HDMI vs Displayport adapters? DP adapters are consistantly about 25% more expensive, and usb3 options are around 2x usb2 adapters. I'm assuming usb3 would be better than 2 lag wise, but only if the throughput is the primary bottleneck. Work is looking to buy a stack of em, so I'd like to at least have one persons input to help justify asking them to pay 50- 65% more (its a few hundred bucks difference, not huge, but enough to feel like I should have at least record of one person saying that the nicer ones do work better when I go to nag the CEO lol). Note, these are just for doing development on, not gaming or anything else really. The 2.0 adapters are workable, but it basically resigns that entire monitor to just a terminal or something, kind of cuts down on the versatility of the set up a bit.

Anyone have experience with either thing?