Anyone playing racing games?

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Thread: Anyone playing racing games?

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    Anyone playing racing games?

    Seems last gen we had a lot of guys here on Forza 3 and 4, but I haven't seen anything pop up for these types of games lately? Anyone playing anything this gen? Forza 5, Horizon? I picked up Driveclub back when it came out and Project Cars a couple of weeks ago.

    DC was terrible in November, but it's gotten quite a bit better recently with the 10 GB of patches they made for it . It's a beautiful game and fun to pick up and play. The noticeable downsides are the super brutal AI that will just rear-end you at will, and this game has a massive rubber-band effect. If I just have 20 min to play a game though, I pick this one up and play it as it's really fun in short spurts.

    Project Cars is a much better game, but I feel it's a bit complicated with a ton of features I'm never going to take the time to look up independently and learn. While the driving is great and challenging, I'm missing the customization of GT and Forza.

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    I've been tempted to pick up Need for Speed: Rivals since it was launched since I've always had a soft spot for the NfS series; then I just kind of ...don't bother and keep coming back to it every so often. Drive Club looked tempting as well but gameplay wise, Forza and the like (simulators) tend to bore the piss out of me so I know better than to waste my time with them, and until Project Cars came out I had never even heard of it.

    Maybe when the NfS relaunch happens I'll grab it, but until then it can wait

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    I've smashed whatever the latest NFS game was. Tempted by Project Cars and Driveclub still definitely.


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