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Thread: Destiny PS4

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    Destiny PS4

    Anyone playing this? I just got a ps4 and the game. fun so far. school me.

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    I have it on ps4, but I stopped playing after the last expansion didn't include a raid. Haven't bought the newest one yet. Add me (jj_rodriguez) for when you get some games I've been playing. Or, if you plan to do vault of glass or crota I might pop in. Let me know once you get around level 30ish.

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    I've been playing off and on since it came out. Fun game, but I never play it alone, its really only good with friends. The Taken King has made it a much, much better game. Although for some reason that is far beyond me, there is still not matchmaking. I've just gotten enough light to play the new raid, it looks pretty cool. You can add me if you want to play sometime. Beneharris is my PSN.

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    I got off this treadmill after the first season pass.
    Confront and Cry

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    I'm still playing regularly with all the DLC.

    Currently looking to put together a new raiding party after the last one all split.

    PSN: Transcend-Tony
    Please visit and share my guitar gear & DIY Blog

    Also if you want a link slapping on there shoot me a PM

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    I have it but I'm not going to play the new expansion until I get tired of FF14 so it might be a while, you can add me on PSN though -> enthauptet <-

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    I'm on Xbox, but this expansion fucking rules. It really is Destiny's Reaper of Souls.

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    i got totally burned out on this game. I hear the new expansion is good but Im not dropping the money for it until this game is a distant memory. I really enjoyed it for a while then I realised i was literally playing it and not even paying attention to what I was doing anymore.

    Get MGSV it is awesome.

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