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Thread: Mac : Best program for cleaning up "Active Processes"

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    Mac : Best program for cleaning up "Active Processes"

    This weekend I had a buddy over (flaxfoot on the forum), and we noticed my Mac, although 6 years old, was running way too slow. Fritz opened up the Active Processes screen and noticed I had a few too many, nearing 220.

    Does anyone know of a good program to clean that up?

    Should I just run a fresh OS install?

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    Mine's running 239 right now. Activity Monitor in a Mac isn't the same as seeing 200 processes in Task manager in Windows. What processes are using the most resources?

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    I have 263 at the moment... and yes, Chris is correct - OSX is much better at handling lots of processes than Windows (at least older versions of windows). For slowness I would look at how much paging activity, OSX's swapper absolutely fucking sucks and if your computer is swapping memory to disk, you'll know it.

    If you have a recent-ish version of OSX run the command "memory_pressure" in the terminal and share the results.

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