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    Half Life 2 - Prospekt

    That's right, Valve has given Prospekt the green light to use graphics and assets from Half-Life 2, making the game well, not official, but sanctioned at any rate.

    The game is somewhere between a sequel and an expansion pack, picking up the story of Adrian Shephard, the US Marine who's the focus of Half-Life: Opposing Force (the expansion pack for the original Half-Life). It's set in the Nova Prospekt prison during the events of Half-Life 2, with Gordon Freeman cornered in the alien stronghold and Shephard teleported in by his allies, the Vortigaunts, to help out. Needless to say, while Prospekt will function as a stand-alone title (you won't need to own Half-Life 2 to play it), it's very much aimed at established fans of the series.
    Valve has approved this fan-made Half-Life sequel to sell on Steam | The Verge

    Steam page - Save 10% on Prospekt on Steam. I just pre-ordered. Looks pretty cool, and I love Half Life.

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    Oooh, only $10? I'm gonna order that, too. The Half Life expansions have always been stellar.

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    I was wondering this. Had a lot of fun playing the various expansions back before steam was a thing.

    Geez I'm getting old..

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    I played through 2 hours of this, and it's not bad. It's not great either, though, and the Steam-approved sale of it made me think it would be a denser game than it is. It's got high production values with the voice acting and music, and time has been taken to flesh it out a bit with a story, but the pace and feel of it is not really any better than some of the other mods for HL. And some of the areas in the game feel like they're straight out of the multiplayer (there's a bit like a Killbox map).

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