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Thread: Just Cause 3 shenanigans?

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    Just Cause 3 shenanigans?

    I've been into this game a lot lately, unfortunately I only have the video over on my Facebook but here's some links.

    Flying cow
    Ola Englund - Just Cause 3_20160306203631 | Facebook

    Tractor drift
    Ola Englund - Just Cause 3_20160310150420 | Facebook

    Tinder encounter
    Ola Englund - Just Cause 3_20160311223316 | Facebook

    Blowing old lady
    Ola Englund - Just Cause 3_20160311222000 | Facebook

    Strapping a nun to a porter potty?
    Ola Englund - Just Cause 3_20160313214323 | Facebook


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    I really need to get this game. I see that a multiplayer mod is already in the works too.

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    We played this last night after the kids went to bed. By "we" I mean our producer set out to get "farthest elevation with a parachute in one take off and landing" and the other four of us cheered him on. Do not grapple onto a helicopter . The graphics are very well done (I don't game so the newest stuff is always impressive).
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    Ive been meaning to pick this up - there are a ton of really funny videos with all kinds of crazy stuff in them from this game.

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    I haven't played games in forever. I keep seeing videos about this game and wanting it. Like how you strung that old lady up by her ass. That was um... different. I think the last thing I played was Goat Simulator. Maybe it's time.

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