They have rolled out Playstation Vue to the entire US now. Sony was offering a free week so I took a chance on it.

Service has been very good. I have only had one outage in a week. The PS3 interface is a bit shitty - when browsing the channel grid it will jump forward a bunch.

It has a cloud based dvr that will save favorite shows or movies for 28 days. Unfortunately on a lot of stuff you cannot fast forward through commercials.

I ended up picking up a fire tv box since it has VUE support and it is much better than the ps3.

When this service was first announced the price was steep (over $60) and the channel selection was smaller. You can get the top tier for $45 bucks which was still much cheaper than cable.

I previously had SlingTV and that service sucked. Horrible UI, Horrible picture, horrible channel selection.

If you are considering cutting the cord and have a PS3 or 4 give it a try.