I have a webform that uses vbscript to populate a word template via bookmarks. (I didn't write it, it's old and ghetto as fuck, and we can't be bothered to re-write it).

They decided that the want a field value to be displayed in the header of the word doc. Not a problem got it to work BUT now when you view the word doc it is pushing the header to the end of the word doc. The kicker is that the word doc prints properly with the header at the top, but I just cannot figure out how to get it to play nicely when viewed.

The guy that built this needs kicked squarely in the balls. he over-architected the shit out of it and it is a mire of vbscript, asp classic and 6 includes

Set objWord = GetObject("", "Word.Application")
	objWord.Visible = True
	objWord.Run "mdlmain.autoexec"
	Set objWordDocument = objWord.Documents.Open(sDoc, True, true)