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Thread: Best DVD ripping software/process?

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    Best DVD ripping software/process?

    Welcome to 2006, can you help me rip some DVDs?

    I have the DVD box set of a TV show I like. I don't watch it much because the whole thing is on Netflix, but recently Netflix has switched to a TERRIBLE HD-converted version. They took the original 4:3 version and zoomed/stretched it to make it 16:9, and then added all these dumb filters to make it HD. They also have started monkeying around with episode lengths instead of showing the entire episode. I'd like to rip all of the episodes from the DVD then watch them through my Plex server.

    What is the best way to rip each episode in their uncompressed resolution and have each one as a nice, tidy mp4 file? I know I could do an image of the disc and watch them that way, but I'd like to have each episode as a separate file to make it easier to catalogue. Additionally, I'd like to have an additional copy of each episode with the director commentary hard-coded into it, as well as have files for the various DVD extras. Is this doable? What software (PC) would you recommend?

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    I recently just got through ripping a bunch of DVDs for my Plex server. I used Handbrake. It's free, quick, and easy. They came out looking and sounding good, and Plex had no problems recognising them.

    I also had a bunch of ISO files (10 seasons of a show) that had a similar thing of director commentaries, behind the scenes stuff, etc. I didn't keep any of that, but it was certainly do-able. You can specify which audio track to use. And ripping from ISO had benefits over ripping from actual disc. I mounted 10 virtual drives, loaded an ISO into each one, and queued up ripping jobs in Handbrake, then just let it do its thing over night. If that was from a DVD ROM, I only have one of those, and it performs slower than a virtual one.

    One last thing, Handbrake preserves the chapters/scenes in the MP4 file, as I can skip about with VLC on my computer, but I don't think Plex recognises those. So you either play a file or don't.

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    Handbrake is my favorite, too. It works really well, and it gives you a ton of options as to how you want it ripped, Ipod, mp4 etc.

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    +1 for Handbrake.

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    +2 for Handbrake. I've digitised a whole bunch of old VHS tapes from the 90's, I did have some audio problems but I think that might have been due to the codecs in the VHS/DVD recorder. In the end, I ripped the audio using VLC, mastered it in Cubase and then knit it together with the handbrake ripped footage in Premiere.

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    I'm definitely on the handbrake bandwagon!

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