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    Resident Evil

    I've been on a Resident Evil kick lately. Played through the RE1 remake on GC. Working on RE4 right now. Can't find the original RE1 and RE2 anywhere (this sucks).

    Don't like RE3. Nemesis just got irritating. Coincidentally, that's the only PS1 RE game I still have.

    I had RE0 once upon a time. Got rid of it but if I happen across it, I might give it another chance.

    Playing through Veronica after I finish RE4.

    I played a bit of Outbreak. I absolutely hate it.

    RE5 could be fun.

    Anybody else a fan of the series or perchance want to get rid of RE1 & 2?
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    I used to play RE games when I was like 10 or something. I don't think I still have my PS1 versions, and the only RE game I ended up buying for GC was RE0. RE5 looks good, played the demo, and I don't know what to think now. I was excited, then I played it again, and it was just like "meh". We'll see when it gets here. I think 2 and 0 were the best ones.


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    Sadly can't help you out on acquiring the games. I never actually owned them, although I did borrow them off a mate once. I loved RE2. That is the only game I've ever played that made me consistantly jump out of my skin

    Scary as fuck, but also a wicked story

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    I love RE4, I'm actually playing through it for the millionth time right now. I also have the Gamecube REmake, and it's awesome. It has such an awesome mix of horror and Metroid-style exploration. Shame about the damn inventory system, though. It can be a real chore to play if you don't know what you should be carrying at all times.

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    Big fan of the series here, grew up with the games...waiting patiently for the new one to arrive!

    Code Veronica is my favorite of the series by far, the best game i had for Dreamcast.

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    Cool to see some survival horror fans.

    My favorites in the entire genre are Silent Hill 1 and 2. No inventory complications and the game's scary when absolutely nothing is going on.

    I'm not too far into RE4 at the moment. I'm at the point where you have the choice of fighting the chainsaw sisters or El Gigante for the second time (gotta do both though... OCD treasure gatherer here). My only complaint is the lack of a big mansion and stupid puzzles for that old RE vibe, but I love it as a different kind of game and the Diablo style inventory system is pretty cool.

    There was only one thing that pissed me off about the RE1 remake... They changed the stupid dialog.

    "Jill! Take this lockpick. It may be helpful if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you."

    Nate requires stupid things to be said to remain appeased. Thus my quest for the original.

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