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Thread: Mesa/Boogie Mark III (Blue Stripe) - $700 shipped

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    Mesa/Boogie Mark III (Blue Stripe) - $700 shipped

    Time to do what I thought I couldn't bring myself to do, but alas, here I am putting it up for sale. This is my Mesa Mark III Blue Stripe Revision head; it's a Simul-Class between 60 and 100 watts which is more than anyone needs, and also has a Graphic EQ (or GEQ if you prefer). This thing is a fucking beast and can do pretty much any tone you're looking for. Channel 1 (Clean) is shimmery and glassy as Mesa's should be, and if you've heard the Lonestar series - that's modeled after THIS amp's clean channel. Channel 2 (Rhythm) is for more rock and alternative stuff, and doesn't get TOO heavy. I view it more as a classic rock and alternative kind of channel. Channel 3 (Lead) is where we all want to just stay and it's perfectly fine since God knows that's what I did. For death metal, tech stuff, sludge/doom/drone this thing fucking rips. I've found that with the proper combo of not only knob EQ but also with the Graphic EQ engaged, you can get that Recto "sag" OR go to Mark series tightness.

    I'm not the original owner of this amp (SHOCK!) but I was told that the original owner did a Pentode/Triode mod on the amp (he was an Army electrician and knew what he was doing) as well as one other mod that slip my mind right now. However, I heard from another source that the Mark's HAD that feature so it's not a "mod" per se. Another nifty modification is that the reverb tank has either shit the bed or has a faulty connection. I suck with wiring and decided that Reverb wasn't high on my list of priorities when I just wanted to make sweet, sweet doom metal with this thing.

    The amp MOST LIKELY needs new tubes. I'm under the estimation that it's about that time they be replaced since I never replaced them, and I have no recollection of the kid I bought it from saying when HE last changed them. I only used the amp a handful of times so it's not like I'm selling you totally dead tubes and giving you the finger after you've got it. PLEASE factor this part in when considering buying since it'd be in your best interest to do a full re-tube so they're all starting at the same time instead of mixing and matching as you go.

    AGAIN! This isn't saying they ARE dead, it's they MAY be dead. I've had days where they sounded top notch, others where I had to do a little tweaking to get rid of minor like bugs here and there.

    Here are some pics when I first got it and some newer ones of the rear, and if anyone wants newer pictures, I'm more than happy to take some (don't be jealous of my sick dining room's wallpaper).

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    He's going to a new home

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    Good. I was WAY too tempted.

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