I'm really not playing this half as much as I should really, I know if it goes I'll probably regret it, but I'm just testing the water. Full Arcade package, hardly played. The only thing it doesn't come with is a memory unit (I'd have no saves otherwise when I inevitably fork out for another one). However, I suppose 20gb hdd's are only 40ish new from Game now. Comes with the bundled games disk, Unreal Tournament 3, Condemned (when I find it), Rockstar Table Tennis, Oblivion, and GRID. If you wanna pay a load extra for postage, I can send Guitar Hero 3 w/guitar for an extra 40. If you want it without the guitar, it's an extra 20. Comes with a official play and charge kit and wooden effect faceplate.

160 for the lot exc. Guitar Hero
180 + Games
(including postage)
200 + Games and guitar
(excluding postage)

Sidenote: I can flash this to play back-ups but this will void your Microsoft warranty and if Microsoft find a way around the stealthing you'd probably be banned. Your choice.......