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    i'm just going to copy directly here from the band's blog, hope you chaps dont mind. this is the project i have with 'liquidcow' on here.


    what happened next? we did.

    behold - the fruits of our labours, we have indeed been busy little bees. that is, if bees had only two legs each, weren't exclusively reliant on pollen and incapable of flying when sober...

    rather than whack off a quick 'rush job' since confirming the new lineup and spurt out a paltry two minute riff-o-rama over your pretty & expectant faces, we've decided to cancel our beer funds, call off our boat trips, get the sherry in and spend some time together in the studio making sure we write you all some decent, firm & obstreperous tunes. the 4 songs (masquerading as the 'reason & abstract' EP) are now ready to record, and we'll be doing so over the next month or two at berry street studio under the watchful ear of the reassuringly tall james dunkley (he does have ever such nice hair and a lovely car, you should see it). you can hear some of the new material, in demo form, in the video posted below.

    in the meantime, we've had some available hours to whip out a photo shoot & myspace design. the young, talented and inexplicably blonde ross wildish pointed his lens at us in a public park and it all turned out wonderfully (thanks also to donna stapley for painting our faces with pretty-dust), he also supplied some positively fantastic shots of our then immediate surroundings which you can now see incorporated into the new design of our myspace page, skillfully rendered, tweaked and pinched by adam cutler of motionless visions designs. our 'design chap from across the water' has also fashioned us a nifty Logos Photo Gallery - Photo 21 of 25 by Motionless Visions Design - MySpace Photos which you'll hopefully be seeing a lot of in the future.

    never give people like us a camera. having sifted through the hours of anatomical footage, we've finally managed to pull together enough that will provide a good idea of what we've been up to all this while and what's ahead, interlock's mart anthony has been kind enough to lend his midas touch to the editing & post production (he was responsible for the 'parasite' podcast & 'straight' video). there'll be plenty more like this to follow over the coming months leading up to the release of the EP, alongside some predictably pointless ridiculousness.


    nice, aren't they? we like the cheese ones.

    hal, ewan, duff, josiah & joe
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    Sounds promising man, I cant wait to hear more from you.

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