Pre- or Post-Summer NAMM Jam?

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Thread: Pre- or Post-Summer NAMM Jam?

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    Pre- or Post-Summer NAMM Jam?

    - Dates: July 23-26, 2009
    - Time: Anytime.
    - Location: Columbus, OH (email for address/directions/cell)
    - Bring whatever you'd like to drink. We will have water and my lifeblood...oops...I mean Pepsi here.

    - I'm sure Rachel will go bananas and get a ton of chips/dips. If you want to bring food, that's cool.
    For the dinner-ish hour(s), we usually just order a truck load of pizzas. That's worked well in the past. Chipping in is nice, but certainly not required.

    - We'll try to keep alcohol to a minimum. Drunk + High Gain usually = not so good.

    - Smoking is allowed, but we'll do it away from the jammers. (I'm not a total prick...heh heh)


    - We have (2) spare bedrooms here for anyone that needs a nap before getting back on the road.

    - There's no limit on gear, but remember that you're not going on a world tour either.
    In the past the usual visitor brings (2) guitars and (1) amp. That's not a rule by any means; just the average.

    - All of my guitars can be played. There's only one rule with them.....and I'll let Eric or Leon tell you that rule.

    - There is a Roland V-Session kit here, for any of those looking to play drums.

    - The thing I don't have is a bass amp or a PA. If you want to play bass, you'll need to bring an amp. ('s on my list!)

    - Backing tracks are ENCOURAGED!!! On CD is nice, but I'll have a laptop down there for tracks on keychain drives as well.
    Try to keep them simple- while Holdsworth and Lane are phenomenal guitarists, not all of us can play that stuff.

    - Groupies are also encouraged!

    - The ShredCam is back from its tour and will be loaded and ready to go.
    That's right- plan on being on YouTube the following evening.

    - Playing is NOT required. If you just want to hang out and watch/listen, that's fine.
    Fair warning: You'll probably be recruited to haul gear at some point. LOL

    - HAVE FUN! If you're not having fun, we will immediately show you the threads about Drew's alleged album and Chris' golfing outings.

    More info and confirmed attendance list in future posts.
    Rock on!

    Just checking to see if folks are up for a pre- or post-Summer NAMM Jam.

    I've got the wiring situation sorted, so no more blackouts.
    Unless it's a Scorps cover or a Duncan.

    I'm thinking the weekend immediately before (7.10-7.12) or the weekend immediately after (7.24-7.26).

    Post up if you're diggin' it.

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    Hmm, I might actually be able to make it this year if I can score a pass.

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    I might be up for it. The later date would probably work better for me.

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    If I had any skills that would make this worth going to then I would

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    The earlier one works better for me.

    Just so you know having epic shred skills isn't necessary to attend , MFB.
    The only proof he needed for the existance of God was music.
    Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    Without music, life would be a mistake.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    I may be up for it then, although I will have to clear it with the rents and unfortunately the hell hole work

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    In Ohio, or at Summer NAMM in Nashville?

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    I assume it's at Kevland in Ohio.

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