Another Aussie band you lads might dig... (Loomis content)

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Thread: Another Aussie band you lads might dig... (Loomis content)

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    Another Aussie band you lads might dig... (Loomis content)

    So this band Switchblade have been kicking around for a while in the Sydney scene. They started off with more of a Devildriver vibe going on but they're more melodic death metal these days. Their new album Invictus Infinitum was produced by Neil Kernon who's produced a billion bands, including Nile and Cannibal Corpse in recent years, and Loomis throws down a few leads on this track:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Switchblade-Reflective Curse (Feat. Jeff Loomis)[/VIDEO]

    I don't really dig 'em, and they're pretty blatantly using Loomis as a selling point, but I don't really blame them for that. If you do like what you here, here's their myspace account. Enjoy!

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    I dig.

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