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    RIP Midnight


    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Crimson Glory - Lonely[/VIDEO]

    Rest in peace. He was a great lyricist and singer, but a tortured soul.

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    Man, that hit me more than MJ, or even more than allmost any other musician. I love his voice, and he had such a great vibrato on his voice. I like his expressions and melodies.

    Rest In peace man! You where a greate musician, and had an impact on my youth! Cheers!
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Crimson Glory "Azrael"[/VIDEO]
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    Wow! That's really sad and shocking to me. I had no idea how badly his life had turned. That's too bad as he was a great talent.

    For anyone who doesn't know about the band Crimson Glory go and buy their album Transcendence. It should be considered a classic metal album.

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    Wow. RIP Midnight...

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    Awww no!

    Very sad, but not exactly surprising given the way the guy seems to have been heading for years now.

    One of the best metal singers of all time. I'm going to go and crank up the first two albums as a tribute.

    RIP. \m/\m/
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    This news has really bummed out today. It seems like yesterday when I was completely into these guys and worshiped them, but then it dawned on me that it's been 21 years since Transcendence came out. Time goes by way too fast!

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    RIP Midnight.

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