I feel like I'm shitting where I eat (erm, play guitar?)

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Thread: I feel like I'm shitting where I eat (erm, play guitar?)

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    I feel like I'm shitting where I eat (erm, play guitar?)


    And I mean that by playing in a power metal band.

    At the time the idea seemed to be golden since I really do love power metal - but it seems to be a dish served only to those worthy of holding the Power Metal Hammer high above their head and being able to say "Yes, I do truly LOVE power metal with all my heart," which baby that just ain't me. I like it, I'll listen to it, but do I give a shit if something besides power metal comes on my iTunes? No. Do I make it a note to know about every power metal band and which songs are about hope and which are about giving up? No. This isn't saying that this is what happened during the first band practice, but a mere observation about the power metal fanbase.

    After that practice, I sat on my deck in the silence of my neighborhood under the gray skies and simply wrote whatever came out. Turns out my initial writing style when naturally inspired is along the lines of Explosions In The Sky meets Circle Takes The Square meets Circa Survive. Alternative. I guess that's a good thing. I do really enjoy alternative music and any person should be allowed to like the opposites of what they naturally dislike. Opposites attract.

    This kind of proves that I need to do my own kind of band thing. Kind of go Buckethead/Guthrie Govan/Mattias Eklundh on this shit and write my own stuff and use a touring band should that day ever come to fruition.

    What do you guys think? I'll probably give it one more practice and see if anything changes but it's doubtful

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    I guess if you're not happy with it you shouldn't keep going. There isn't anything wrong with fusing you're own style and tastes into a genre though. Maybe talk to you're band members and ask them if they want to write in a more open style with powermetal as the foundation, but not everything.

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    Hm. I have played in bands where some of the members ONLY listen to the kind of music they want to do... but never for more than a month or two, because I just can't deal with closed minded people.

    In my band now, everyone is very opened. In fact the drummer and I have very similar tastes in music and when he came over to help mix the drums for some songs we recorded, I was showing him some of the music I've got and I was surprised in that he owned a lot of the jazz/fusion albums, alternative rock albums, classic rock albums, and so on that I owned. I knew we had very similar tastes in music since many of my favorite bands and his favorite bands are the same, but I was surprised that he owned so many albums I did that were far removed from metal (or radio music for that matter). The guitarist in my band doesn't listen to the jazz, progressive rock, or classic rock that I listen to, but despite listening to brutal death metal, grindcore, black metal, industrial metal, metalcore, melodeath, and so on, he also listens to alternative rock, "loud rock," avant garde rock, and lots of other genres. His sensibilities are the most similar to mine. In fact, the drummer and the other guitarist both fall on the two main sides of my tastes in music.

    I don't think it's a bad thing to know about every single power metal band EVER, but I do think it can be a bad thing to know about that and nothing else.

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    I dunno. Most of the stuff i write on my own isnt anywhere near death metal (which my band is), and i'm one of the song writers (me, the other guitarist and vocalist each write about equal amounts). Our drummer and bassist role up to practice cranking shit like lamb of god, soulfly, etc., usually, but in addition to that stuff, they also dig death metal. the other guitarist and vocalist are pretty much only Death/Black metal guys. And i generally listen to a variety of metal genres. I roll up to practice with shit like Mercyful Fate, '70s Priest, Abney Park, etc., just as much as i'll pull up listening to Vital Remains, Malevolent Creation and Deicide. Its just a matter of me writing to fit the band, and i don't have a problem with that, cause i can do my own thing on the side anyway.
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    My first band consisted of the following:

    -Metalhead/spastic drummer
    -Folky/singer-songwriter guitarist
    -Myself on cello
    -Musical/chorus style female singer

    And what came out was alternative/indie/ambient music that worked really well. Often your influences have nothing to do with what actually comes out of a writing session.

    The music I play with my current main band is not really the genre that totally moves me, but it's still fun to get up there and rock out and get better and refine my jamming, songwriting, and performance skills.

    If it's fun by any means, stick with it. It's great for refining your chops and having fun, and you can work on your songwriting and jamming skills. There's nothing saying you have to only be in one band anyways. If it's not fun, don't do it, but I'd give it a fair few practices as it's always a little rocky getting started in a new group.
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    personally i write and play a lot of different styles. It's going to be very rare that you get to play EXACTLY what you want all the time. You are going to be in a band with other people wanting to do the same thing and sometimes you've got to make compromises (unless you're paying those people). I play in a grind band, a death metal band, a doom band and a experimental/instrumental band. this way i get to continue playing all the stuff i like and don't need to feel held down.

    In short. if you like the music in the power metal band, why quit playing? infuse your own style into the writing and see how it goes. If you don't like the music, get out early.

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    So far the "practice" consisted of only me and the other guitarist cause the bassist got called in to work and the drummer just kind of blew us off. It wasn't bad and it may be fun when there's the rest of the actual band there. From what we did it was like "Wow, this kind of went to shit cause both of us worked the past 6 days in a row and didnt have time to write shit"

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    Well, that's hardly indicative of what the band will actually feel like. Pick a cover or two to learn as well so you guys can kind of get something going.

    Also, are the bassist and drummer friends of the other guitarist? If so, have him put some pressure on them to make sure that that doesn't happen, as that's the quickest way to kill a band - having members who don't care.

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