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Thread: Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue

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    Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue

    Came out yesterday, 9/29/09. I love it, but thats just me. It's been on constant play for the last week and a half. I still think Check My Brain is my favorite song because its heavy as hell. My only gripe is I wish they let Duvall stand out a little more, but I'm sure it was a calculated move on their part. I've seen him fronting AIC live twice and did a hell of a job.


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    I like it. I can't say I'm the biggest AIC fan in the world, but I've liked most of their albums and I'm glad to see them back with a new singer. I like most of the songs on this album and to me it has that classic AIC sound even without Layne.
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    I'm a huge AIC fan and I love the new album. It does seem a bit like Robert's redundant in parts as Jerry's vocals really dominate the mix, which is a shame. I've only seen him front them once, but he did a damn good job of it and he's a really good singer. Otherwise, I'm not complaining about it at all.
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    ^^You mean William, right? Either that or this guy is finally back in work:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love[/VIDEO]

    As for the album... meh. The songs are too long, the mix suuuuuucks and DuVall might as well not even be there. I know the new singer is a bit of a catch-22 for the band but hiring a new guy and then just burying him is a lose/lose, I feel. There are some great riffs on there (that sound even better in the live clips I've heard, thanks Terry Date!) but you can guarantee they'll run it into the ground by the time the song is over. Better than nothing, I guess.

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    This album kicks fucking ass. Here's a post I made on another forum to a guy who doesn't like it:

    Quote Originally Posted by the guy
    I can't help but think of this album as alice in chains lite (fm). The only song that comes even close to the menace and haunting sounds of Dirt is A looking in view. Layne definitely had a more brooding influence on the songwriting and kept Cantrell's shlock riffs in check - that element is just missing now.
    That said as I listen to this album more I appreciate it for what it is, and there is some good songwriting here. I just dont get the same feeling when Duvall is singing shit about California being alright and take her out tonight as I did when Layne was singing about his heroin addiction. They should've just changed the name.

    My response:

    Quote Originally Posted by me
    I think there will basically be two camps regarding this album - people who like it for what it is, and people that can't do AIC without Layne. If you can get past the "this isn't Layne" vibe, what's left is a pretty stellar album by a great bunch of songwriters.

    I don't think they should have renamed. If you read/watch interviews with Jerry, AIC was his baby just as much as it was Layne's, and Jerry's songwriting and vocal harmonies were just as important to the AIC sound as Staley's vocals. It's not like a Creed situation where the members said "Our singer is a douchebag, let's replace him with a far superior vocalist and call ourselves something else". Layne's drug addiction killed himself, and robbed the rest of AIC of a very promising, rewarding music career.

    Because his vocalist died shouldn't mean that Cantrell should have to rename the band he put his heart and soul into - rather I think he did exactly what he should have done. AIC is carrying on in the vein that they would have if Layne didn't die, and they're staying true to the sound that they've always had. Granted the songwriting is a lot more major, but how transparent would it have been if we got another disc of brooding drug tunes with a different singer? The band all grew up, and the songwriting/lyrics for the most part represent what they went through and how they've matured. I dig the hell out of that, and it's awesome that they can play more major-key riffs while at the same time keeping that sinister AIC sound.

    Duvall has the impossible task of trying to stand in the shoes of really the last, or at least one of the last, immediately recognizable vocalists in modern music. I'm glad he's doing it justice and putting his own stamp on it, without shitting on the legacy that Layne left behind. You KNOW that as soon as he passed away Sully Erna's agent was on the phone with AIC's management saying "Yo dudes, I have the perfect Layne clone for you!".

    Just my opinion of course, not disagreeing with you at all just offering my point of view on it.
    Fucking beautiful album, absolutely in love with the opening track right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    I'm a huge AIC fan and I love the new album. It does seem a bit like Robert's redundant in parts as Jerry's vocals really dominate the mix, which is a shame. I've only seen him front them once, but he did a damn good job of it and he's a really good singer. Otherwise, I'm not complaining about it at all.
    Agree here 100%. The only immediate nitpick that I have about it (I don't see a problem with the mix, at least on my car stereo..) is that there is a bit too much vocal harmony going on - almost every line has Cantrell doubling it, and I'd have liked to hear Duvall belt some of them out on his own.

    A small matter though, and in the line of bands "reinventing" themselves lately (Metallica) it's nice to hear a solid effort from one of my all time favorite bands that's a pretty brazen step forward instead of just trying to regurgitate the stuff that made them famous.

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    I can't stop listening to it and when I can't listen to it, the songs are stuck in my head. I was originally of the no AIC without Layne camp, but this album goes to show how HUGE a part Cantrell played in AIC. I think the album is fantastic.

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    Everything you said, Chris, and the exact same argument I made. Layne may have been awesome sounding in his time, but in the end, he was just another stupid junkie who fucked up and got himself dead. Anyone who thinks that the other guys shouldn't continue as Alice in Chains can piss right off.
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