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Thread: 6505/6505+ Differences

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    6505/6505+ Differences

    I've never been able to test the two side by side, or anywhere close of a time frame to remember. I'm just wondering, is there any credible difference? As if I can save the 300 odd quid, I'd love to. More towards a new cab.
    I don't really know why I want a new amp to be honest, I've somehow managed to get a fucking killer tone from a Fender solid state amp using my Pod X3
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    Well I have a 6505+ and love it from just a pure gain amp standpoint. I hate the cleans but I have Boogie for clean tones. I've never played on a 6505 but I thought they were essentially the same as the 5150's.
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    6505+(5150 II) is a 6505 (5150) with a separate 3 band EQ for the crunch channel. It also has an extra preamp tube dedicated to the crunch channel to make it 'cleaner' although the clean isn't much better. And the Lead channel on the 6505+ has a slightly different gain structure in the tube order (according to my schematic) so it has the same tone, but *slightly* less gain (Although my 5150 II has PLENTY of gain lemme tell you...)

    That's pretty much it.

    The extra price is justified to me because I like having separate EQ's for the different channels. I like to have control over all my tone. Plus that little extra cleanliness the crunch channel gets allows me to get a clean tone that's at least useable in a live situation.
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    also on the 6505+, the clean/crunch is footswitchable.

    buy a used 6505+. more EQ is IMO a good thing
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    I'm thinking about getting a 6505 or 6505+ plus as well, I'm glad someone pointed out the difference.
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    I really want to try a 5150/6505, ive only ever heard one once in person, and it sounded terrible... but everyone on here (almost) reckons they are fucking killer, so im thinking there must have been something wrong with the one i tried... it was really nasally, 'hissy', and generally not very nice to listen to..

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    I gotta disagree with the extra EQ section making it worth it, since I think that it doesn't sound as aggressive as the originals. The 5150/6505 has that fierce grind to it that instantly screams "metal" when you hear it. That is the sound of Soilwork's "Predator's Portrait", In Flames' "Whoreacle", and every Evergrey disc that I can think of.

    I just don't think the 5150II/6505+ can match that sound. The midrange is completely different.
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    Noodles speaks the truth, not to mention Devin Townsend using the 5150, and not the II as well. To my ears the +/II sound more fizzy and compressed, just less articulate in general to the original.

    I really want to try a 5150/6505, ive only ever heard one once in person, and it sounded terrible... but everyone on here (almost) reckons they are fucking killer, so im thinking there must have been something wrong with the one i tried... it was really nasally, 'hissy', and generally not very nice to listen to..
    They do, they're a full frequency amp... many complain that they get buried by other amps in a practice/rehearsal too... HOWEVER, mic them up (me thinks a closed back Mesa 4x12 loaded with V30's is the best match) and listen to the amp IN THE MIX. IMHO, an amp needs to sound great when listening to the mix, not standing in front of it.

    Interestingly, Mick Thompson (Slipknot) was addressing this when designing his sig. Rivera head/cab, and REALLY focused on what it sounded like in a large-ish room, mic'd up, and in the company of bass and drums... and not what it sounded like standing in front of it. Mentioned something to the effect of "It's much easier to take out frequencies in the mix that you don't want there, then to try to put them in".

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