Ok, so locally here in Detroit, there's a venue called Harpos. It's been around forever, its in a shitty neighborhood in Detroit, and basically every major metal band has come through there. Hell, Slipknot will constantly mention "Who remembers the old days when we played shitholes like Harpos"

Anyways, so Type-O-Negative is playing there on Halloween, so I'm looking for a local band to buy tickets from... so I'm scoping their MySpace:

MySpace - HARPOS CONCERT THEATRE - 70 - Male - DETROIT, Michigan - myspace.com/harposconcerttheater

And there's a bunch of videos on the page that I have to scroll down past... but then one caught my eye... the last video... entitled "Raining Blood"...

... Mike, Dave, James... look familiar?

(The ironically funny part is... this video was taken @ Oade's Hidden Camel in Lansing, MI. Not only that, but Justdefy has NEVER played @ Harpos, and never will, because they're a "pay to play" venue. You have to buy $1500 in tickets, and only if you sell enuff tix do you make your money back. F-that shit. But somehow our video made it onto their MySpace. Go Figure)