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    Pulse: Floyd

    Was trolling the DVD aisle at Best Buy the other day and picked up the 2xdvd set of Pulse from Pink Floyd. Old news I know....I think from 1994. Jebus that was 15 years ago. Watched it last night and was just blown away. I never got to see them live.

    Gilmour is simply awesome, and can sing his ass off too. Everything he plays just fits and his tone is legendary. He may not play many notes, but he's got a knack for picking the right ones and his phrasing is great.

    Yet another inspirational blast from the past...BTW, the second disc is Dark Side of the Moon live, which kicks all manner of ass.
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    Yep, bought the CD & VHS when it came out. Great stuff for sure!

    VHS...I'm old.

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    I remember watching this over and over and over again as a kid. That concert opened up the world of rock music to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gresh View Post
    He may not play many notes, but he's got a knack for picking the right ones and his phrasing is great.
    That's the kind of guitar player I aspire to be.

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    Don't we all...too bad I have these hams attached to the ends of my arms.

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    I love the album, and the DVD was a go-to for me when I used to install home theater setups to impress the customers.
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    It is, hands-down, the best live concert that I have ever seen. Gilmour is a god, and Comfortably Numb is just...

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