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Thread: Sound effect I can't nail

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    Sound effect I can't nail

    Not sure this is the right location; maybe should've been in the gear section. Feel free to move it.

    On Lacuna Coil's Unleashed Memories, the start of Heir of a Dying Day has this interesting spikey guitar sound, rhytmically going a bit asymetric.
    Sounds like a mix between a classical and a spinette (hammered piano like).
    Sorry I can't describe if better; hope you know what I mean..
    Actually, they use such stubby, short decaying sounds in other songs over the albums..

    Anyone have a clue as to what's used to create this? Gear, technique..?
    I'd guess some use of ADSR and EQ with a small amount ot distortion on top of the spikes, but just don't get it..
    Unfortunately I don't have a dedicated envelope shaper. My TSR-24S does have both a good prog. noisegate and prog. envelope follower, which might be used to at least partially generate the envelope - if that's what is called for..

    FWIW, cabability-wise, my rig features an ADA MP-2, Digitech TSR-24S, Lexicon Vortex, H&K WarpFactor, Behringer MIC100 (used as a preconditioner).
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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Lacuna Coil - Heir Of A Dying Day[/VIDEO]

    The dark sound at the very beginning sounds like a humbucker with some delay and heavy flanger on it. The cleaner sound that comes in after four bars sounds like either a piezo or very clean neck-position single coil (it has an EMG-like compression to it, by my ear) with just a light bit of chorus on it. But it definitely seems compressed.

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    Year, I agree it sounds much like piezo with chorus and some compression; maybe that's all there is to it
    But still.. sounds to me like the short decay is done artificially; maybe I just need to experiment more with layering some EQ'd crispy sound on top, controlled by either the prog. noisegate or envelope follover, followed by a multipole chorus..
    And I definately need piezo's in my bridge!

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    I think its a Neck Sigle with light gain delay and flange for the first part (I have gotten a similar sound with me tele)

    The part that comes in is an acoustic of some sort or a heavily processed piezo signal. IMHO

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