I thought I'd share these guys with you. It's an old band of my current bands bassist/singer (he sang & played bass in them too), and after their demise the two of us formed a band called Promise No Lies along with one of the guitarists from Keratose. Some of the longer term sevenstring.org members may remember me posting some demo's of that band a long time ago.

The stuff that's on their myspace is cool, but there's a few others that were better (Renard for one) that aren't on there at the moment. It sounds a bit dated now, but around 2000/2001 it was bang on. You really had to see a Keratose gig to believe the brutallity they unleashed, and they're the only band I know to instigate a piggy back mosh pit.

MySpace.com - Keratose - London - Metal / Alternative / Thrash - www.myspace.com/keratoseonline