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Thread: Taylor Swift - You belong with me (metal version)

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    Taylor Swift - You belong with me (metal version)

    EndlessNoise is just too fucking awesome. Their re-makes are always superb.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w5euyK3xng]YouTube - Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me(Metal Version)[/VIDEO]
    Medicine Chief - RHLC

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    Hmm, could use some growling in there...

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    Taylor needs to really metal it up and wear less clothes.
    The only proof he needed for the existance of God was music.
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    Without music, life would be a mistake.
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    ^or just fall off the face of the earth.
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    If she got really slutty and wore dominatrix gear, I for one would be a very happy man.
    And this version is much better.
    BLOOD for the BLOOD GOAT!

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    Doesn't sound too much different from the original.

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    Wow that was......tolerable.
    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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    That might have actually been neat if the guitar didn't sound like it was recorded direct with a $100 Korg multi-effects processor.

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