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    Funny tab....

    I was searching for tabs earlier & came across this one. Here it is, exactly as I came across it.

    The Only Reason Men Talk to You Is Because They
    Want To Get Laid You Stupid Fucking Cunt

    Tabbed by:
    Tuning: Dropped


    Hope that ain’t too hard for ya.
    Yeah, I think I can handle that, but the name of the tune is just awesome.
    Then just out of curiousity, I looked up the song on youtube. Ummm, I think the tab may be a bit off.

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    About 10 years ago when I first started playing guitar, I remember looking up tabs online for songs that I liked and 90% of the time they were wrong. Something like 20% of the time, they were so wrong, you could barely believe it. For example, the original song would be power chords and octaves in drop C while the tab was just single notes in E standard with the notes not even remotely similar.

    That one above seems like a joke (it's not dropped and obviously the song isn't chromatically playing standard-style power chords from open to the third fret), but I think most of the people who put these blatantly wrong tabs online actually are serious and think they are right. Sometimes you'll try playing it and you'll notice that it's a major third when it should be a minor third and it starts on the wrong note. Or the guitarist in the actual song will be playing tons of notes, but the tab simplifies it to just 1/3rd of those notes.

    I think tabs didn't start to get good in general until the "playable" tabs came out such a Guitar Pro and Power Tab. Because then you could no longer think you were right with it sounding so so so bad.
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    @ that song.
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    Anal Cunt has the best song titles in the world I mean, just look at them: It Just Gets Worse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Such a masterful use of voice leading. Shame the parallel movement would be frowned upon by the wig-wearing masters.

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