Songs that have special meaning to you.

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Thread: Songs that have special meaning to you.

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    Songs that have special meaning to you.

    Here is a place to list any songs that have extra special meaning to you.

    I'll post youtube links later since I'm at work, unless a mod wants to post some for me now.

    Fear Factory - Final Exit

    This means a hell of a lot to me. Back in January, I lost my uncle, VERY unexpectedly, and to this day, we still don't know why. The first song I heard once I found out was this song (I know, it was a month before the album came out, I had it pre-ordered, I just couldn't wait to hear it). The lyrics seem to fit a lot with what had happened, and every time I hear it now, I just struggle with it. Kind of a bum, can't listen to a song by your favourite band. Listening to it live REALLY struck home its power.

    Alter Bridge - In Loving Memory

    This is a song that always reminds me of my girlfriend. Lyrics seem to have nothing to do with it, since it seems to be about someone dying IIRC, which she hasn't. It's just one of those songs that reminds me of her.

    Staind - Right Here

    Much the same as the above, but some of the chorus is very much what I feel.
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    Empire of the Sun - We Are The People

    Reminds me of a special girl. It was her ringtone ages ago, and whenever I listen to it I am reminded of her.

    Rage Against The Machine - Freedom

    This was the first solo I ever learnt to play. It's nothing amazing or technical, but it kind of opened up a new world of guitar playing for me back then.
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    Videos in the first post

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    This one... Last minute of the second vid never ceases to amaze me.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Mutter plays Giuseppe Tartini "The Devil's Trill" 1[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Mutter plays Giuseppe Tartini "The Devil's Trill" 2[/VIDEO]

    And this whole album, but this part in particular

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Devil Doll - Dies Irae - Part 11[/VIDEO]

    I wish I could tell you why, but I have no words for either of these pieces.
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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight[/VIDEO]

    Just pretty much because of stuff that happened when the song was playing, not really anything to do with the lyrics.

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    In Dreams by Roy Orbison

    off the top of my head that one sticks out cuz the lyrics have a significant meaning to me, maybe a couple of other songs but that one stuck out

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    Here are a few of mine. I'll let the reasons remain a mystery:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? Derek & The Dominos - STEREO[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Black Sabbath-Sign Of The Southern Cross[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - HEART - Mistral Wind[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Anatoly Vedernikov plays Bach English Suite #2, A-moll (1/3)[/VIDEO]

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    Mudvayne - Happy?

    First real heavy metal band I got into, this song got to me at a time when a lot of people were pissing me off, and today this song and the album is very special to me.

    The Fray - How To Save A Life

    Really emotional song, and a fave of one of my exes so it reminds me of her. :/

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - The Fray- How to Safe a Life[/VIDEO]

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