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Thread: NOLA Appreciation

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    NOLA Appreciation

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Temptations Wings - Down[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Down - Lifer[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Down - Stone the Crow[/VIDEO]


    Pepper Keenan and Kirk Windstein writing sick-ass riffs? Phil Anselmo going "Oh, you SHOULDN'T suck on recordings" and giving his best performance since Cowboys and last good one ever? Jimmy Bower in general, since everything even casually associated with Eyehategod rules? Yes please.

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    I approve your thread... Bury Me in Smoke is one of the best songs from Down,and Phil in general...

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    Down was easily one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Music that weighs a ton. Rhythm section was incredible. Like him or hate him (I like him ), Phil is a frontman who knows how to work a room. They fucking slayed.

    Would see again.

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    I absolutely love Nola, it's a fantastic album. Therefore I wholeheartedly approve of this thread

    Eyes of the South is one of my favourite tracks, probably the favourite after Stone the Crow. The "God damn" at 1:39 signalling the track kicking off is superb.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Down, Eyes of the South[/VIDEO]

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