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Thread: Anyone for some good Black Metal?

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    Anyone for some good Black Metal?

    I got a bit of a love/hate relationship with Black Metal. I started getting into the genre some 10 years ago, and loved a lot of what I heard. But as much as I liked some of the bands, other bands seemed content being boring, insipid Darkthrone clones who mouth off about what's "True" black metal, and I quickly got tired of all the elitist nonsense to the point where I wouldn't even call myself a fan of the genre any more.

    But you know despite that I still have a place in my heart for some good Black Metal. I love nothing more than to hear a really, really good band who don't stick to the 'True' formula, experiment and create their own sound, carve their own niche instead of trying to sound like Mayhem or Darkthrone. Bands like Emperor and Enslaved, that mixed progressive elements into their particular brands of Black Metal were what I loved. To this day, Enslaved are a band I've got a huge amount of time for. I know that people love to take the piss out of the genre as well, but why not have a thread dedicated to those bands that are quite frankly awesome.

    I'll start off with some Enslaved:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Enslaved - Convoys To Nothingness[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ENSLAVED - The Watcher[/VIDEO]

    Gotta love Emperor, of course:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Emperor - Curse You All Men! (Live Inferno)[/VIDEO]

    Here's one of my favorite Black Metal bands in recent years, Negura Bunget from Romania, they've got a great atmospheric sound:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Negura Bunget - Cunoasterea Tacuta[/VIDEO]

    Red Harvest mixed Industrial elements with Black Metal for a pretty awesome sound:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Red Harvest - AEP Live[/VIDEO]
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    Emperor are win

    Some of my favourites include Dark Funeral, Keep of Kalessin, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Ajattara, Behemoth, Hate, Pantheon I, Agathodaimon, Graveworm, Bathory, Dragonlord, Immortal, Naglfar and Burzum for the lulz.

    People don't realise how much good black metal is out there.
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    Mmm, speaking of Old Man's Child, the album Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion with Gene Hoglan on drums was awesome:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Old Man's Child - God of Impiety[/VIDEO]

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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ColdWorld - This Empty Life[/VIDEO]

    Shining's entire discography is awesome but Halmstad is especially amazing:
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Shining - Längtar bort från mitt hjärta[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Shining - Neka Morgondagen[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Limbonic Art-In Abhorrence Dementia[/VIDEO]
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    Emperor are one of my favorite bands, I was lucky to catch them live a couple of years ago too, Prometheus being my favorite album.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Emperor - The tongue of fire[/VIDEO]

    I really dig Ulver too (including their non BM stuff)

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Ulver - Bergtatt - Ind i Fjeldkamrene[/VIDEO]

    and band called Kralice I found randomly in a music shop a year or two ago that I love the crap out of.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Krallice - Wretched Wisdom[/VIDEO]

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    Here I was thinking I was the only person who'd ever heard of Negura Bunget. I remember first hearing them on some random free metal mp3's site a good 6 or 7 years ago and then searching up and down for their stuff to no avail. I eventually found it, and they're definitely one of my favourite bands of the genre, Maiastru Sfetnic is an awesome album.
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    I find it odd i don't listen to that much black metal at all, yet i listen to loads and loads of death metal. Anyone else that way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthtastic View Post
    I find it odd i don't listen to that much black metal at all, yet i listen to loads and loads of death metal. Anyone else that way?
    I'm the same way. I can't really get into Black Metal at all. Only Behemoth really, and they're death metal nowadays anyway.

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