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Thread: In honour of Karl's black metal thread

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    In honour of Karl's black metal thread

    I couldn't bring myself to derail the original thread, but it had to be posted.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Teh Funneh Immortal[/VIDEO]

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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Immortal - Pe' La Coccia Di Santo Dunato[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Immortal - Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows[/VIDEO]

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    You know, as much as people love to take the piss out of them, Immortal still fucking rule. I absolutely love them, and albums like At The Heart of Winter and Sons of Northern Darkness are just incredible. Horgh remains one of my absolute favourite drummers in metal.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness[/VIDEO]

    Their newest album is absolutely brilliant as well:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Immortal - Norden On Fire[/VIDEO]

    Also, swish to have a thread in honor of my own thread.
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